House Of Low Culture - Spoiled Fruits Of The Kingdom

Down since Submarine Immersion Techniques Vol. 1.

Lawrence English - The Liquid Casket

I can not get enough of this shit right now. 

Félicia Atkinson - Hooves Drummed.

Pretty, arty, french drone. 

And the vinyl album is fantastically designed

Boris - Huge

God this band use to be good.

Great Falls - Strong Cures

God this is good. Why aren’t more people listening to this band?

Isis - False Light

I pretty much checked out on Isis after Panopticon, but the early releases still crush.

Mountain Man - And Live In The Past.

I’ve always had an unexplainable love of bands with two drummers. 

Young Widows - Kerosene Girl

I was prepared to hate this album. I loved “Old Wounds” and did not care for “In And Out Of Youth And Lightness” at all. I expect that downward trend to continue. And it did, at first, but i kept listening. Eventually I got sucked in. Its a great album, not “Old Wounds” great, but still damn good.

No Anchor - Loose Gravel
Photo by Stephen Booth

The Golden Bridge, as a whole is pretty uneven. The slow tracks almost sound like another band entirely. The the rockers, are balls out.

Playing Enemy - Monaco
Playing Enemy

I can not stop listening to this band.

Go buy the vinyl reissue of the great album that this song is from, I was Your City.